WikiLeaks: CIA tools could infiltrate MacBooks, iPhones – CNET

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Carl Court, Getty Images Armed with a fresh set of leaked documents, WikiLeaks said Thursday that the US Central Intelligence Agency has developed tools to infect Apple products like iPhones and MacBooks. The tools, which date from between 2009 and 2013, are unlikely to affect current Apple hardware. They show a […]

Big US companies pull YouTube ads after extremist content sparks uncertainty – Ars Technica

reader comments 64 The controversy surrounding Google and YouTube advertising and extremist content has spread across the pond. According to a Bloomberg report, some of YouTube’s biggest advertising customers, including Verizon and AT&T, have halted spending on display and other non-search advertising on the platform. The news comes days after a stream of UK companies pulled […]

Fresh Wikileaks Dump Shows CIA Was Hacking iPhones A Year After Launch – Forbes

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks on the organization’s 10th birthday. He remains inside the Ecuador Embassy in London, while releasing CIA tools for the public to peruse.(AP Photo/Markus Schreiber, File) A new Wikileaks release called DarkMatter was released today, affirming that the Central Intelligence Agency has long targeted Apple Macs, creating malware designed to evade the […]

Corsair One review: Small, fast, and surprisingly quiet – PCWorld

As Corsair’s first-ever PC, the One is impressive as hell. This tiny machine (which starts at $1,800) is fast, beautifully built, and perhaps more importantly—quiet, too. That’s no small feat for a PC that measures just 15 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. According to Corsair a professional lab measured the One’s […]

Leaked Image Gives A First Look At Destiny 2, Out This September – Kotaku

As has become an annual Bungie tradition, a retailer has leaked info on the next big Destiny release. It’s not much, but here’s your first look at the marketing materials for Destiny 2, a video game that we will no doubt come up with all sorts of pithy ways to describe over the next few […]

Google Maps Now Lets You Share Location And Trips With Friends – Ubergizmo

With apps such as Waze and Uber, users can actually share their location and their trips with friends. For example if you’re heading to meet up, you send them your location and share your trip so that they can track your location as you drive and know how long it will take before you arrive. […]

Google resurrected a dead product on Wednesday and no one noticed – Business Insider

Google co-founders Sergey Brin, left, and Larry Page AP/Ben Margot Google has built a $580 billion empire by keeping its innovation engine running ahead of the competition. But on Wednesday the company pulled off an impressive, and curious, feat: it wowed the public with an eight year old idea.  Google unveiled a new set of features for its popular […]

A journey through time: all Samsung Galaxy S phones so far – Phone Arena

Introduction History has repeatedly shown us that you can’t know where you are going, unless you know where you came from. Irrespective of subject or theme, revisiting the highlights of your own storyline provide a needed understanding of the mistakes you made and the shady turns you took. This philosophy is especially relevant in the […]

Mass Effect: Andromeda: The Kotaku Review – Kotaku

Mass Effect: Andromeda sprawls and sprawls, eagerly offering you so much to see and do that it nearly loses itself in the process. In this massive and uncertain voyage into an alien galaxy, the best way to center yourself is to hold on to other people, and trust that the mission will accomplish at least […]

Apple acquires iPhone and iPad automation app Workflow – Fast Company

There was once a day when supersonic travel was one of the most romantic notions in aviation. The iconic Concorde was beautiful and entirely distinctive (and tickets were insanely expensive). Then, it was no more, and the concept vanished in thin air. But if you always wanted to fly faster than the speed of sound, […]

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